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Farm Business Evaluation and Performance Tools

Farm Business Analyser

The OMAFRA Farm Business Analyzer is a farm analysis program designed calculate profitability, solvency (financial strength), financial efficiency and debt servicing capacity. The program allows you to enter financial information from your income tax statement and uses it to analyse your business performance. It does compare to some very old OFMAP data (circa 1999). The OFMAP data does not exist anymore so this calculator should be updated to remove the comparison benchmarks. It has a “what if” analysis section that allows you to see the results of changing revenue, variable expenses and family living costs.

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The Farm Financial Analysis and Planning Workbook

This is a workbook that someone can complete a full farm financial analysis and has some ratios calculated in the Farm Profile section.

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Assessing Your Farm Business Plan

The plan is designed to help appraise a new or additional farm business enterprise to determine how well the plan has been completed, the practicality of the plan, and the likelihood of achieving business success. This tool provides a series of statements about farm strategies, product development, human and farm resources, financial needs, and implementation strategies. The tool does not ask every possible question, but rather a sampling of questions about the different sections of your plan‐ the goals you have for the business, product development and marketability, implementation strategies, resource inventories including finances and labor, budgets, and marketing plans. The tool is designed for and targets you, farmers and agri-entrepreneurs, who have thoughtfully researched and written a business plan and want an assessment of the probability of having your business succeed. The assessment will not be as accurate if it is conducted on just your business ideas or if it is completed on a plan written for you by someone else. Use it on the formal business plan that you have written using the Farm Business Planning workbook (Beale, Dill, & Johnson) posted on the mredc.umd.edu site.

  • Mission and Goals
  • Do You Have a Marketable Product?
  • Farm Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy and Plan
  • Enterprise Analysis and Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Implementation Strategy
  • Human Resources Plan
  • Resource Inventory
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Canadian Association of Farm Advisors

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Growing Your Farm Profits

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