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Implementation and Monitoring Tools



Farm Business Planning: Understanding, Preparing & Using – Farm Management Canada

This resource will stimulate better business planning by ranchers and farm managers whether they prepare the plans themselves or with the assistance of advisors.

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Biz Info – Starting and Growing a Business

Launching and operating a successful business requires solid business and market planning and execution of business principles. Sound development and preparation can take months, and it can take a considerable amount of time before a business turns a profit. Be realistic in your expectations of the business and the amount of time and money that you will need to invest. The objective of this website is to assist prospective and emerging entrepreneurs by providing helpful business and marketing information essential to planning, operating and growing a successful business.

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British Columbia


Running a Farm

The production fundamentals of farming are relatively simple compared to the management skills needed to keep a farm profitable and sustainable. With the demands of raising livestock or growing crops, many farmers struggle to manage their business. Devoting time to your agricultural business can keep it running smoothly.

Good financial and legal advice from competent advisors is essential. Make sure you assemble a strong team around you. Your team can help you analyze, plan, develop and operate a successful agricultural business.

Successful farmers are, foremost, successful business managers. Develop your knowledge and skills by learning about the business topics outlined in this section.

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Production Economics for Farm Businesses

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Farm Financial Management

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Ontario Farm Accounting Workbook

The Ontario Farm Accounting Workbook was developed in Excel format to help you in managing your farm business. It is designed to meet the farm business record keeping needs for commercial farms. It is simple, yet complete enough to provide details for tax purposes, for credit and for an analysis of your farm business. Version 5 was released in 2011.

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OMAFRA crop and livestock cost of production budgets

Available in excel format at the Ontario Enterprise Budgets site. The figures in the budgets are estimates, intended to be used as a general guide for a producer to input their own numbers and wouldn’t be considered benchmarks.

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