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Farm Business Planning: Understanding, Preparing & Using – Farm Management Canada

This resource will stimulate better business planning by ranchers and farm managers whether they prepare the plans themselves or with the assistance of advisors.

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CTEAM Program (Canadian Total Excellence in Agricultural Management)

CTEAM is the only national farm business management skills development program in Canada designed specifically for producers & ranchers.

Key Benefits:

  • Develop and implement your own strategic and operations plans for your farm
  • Learn how to confront change with confidence for continued growth, expansion, succession and transition
  • Build a lifelong network of peers and management experts

Key Learnings:

  • Strategic Visioning & Planning
  • Operations Management
  • Financial Management
  • Value Chain Management
  • Risk Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Governance and Business Structures
  • Personality Types and Testing
  • Communication and Leadership
  • Management Information Systems
  • Public Policy
  • Continuous Improvement
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General Business Planning

A general business plan is a management tool that helps you describe your business objectives, develop a plan to achieve them, and assess how well your business is performing. A business plan can be customized for start-up or expanding businesses. It can analyze the current situation facing your business and identify important factors for success.

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Advanced Farm Management Program



A Business Plan Framework for Modern Times

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Biz Info – Starting and Growing a Business

Launching and operating a successful business requires solid business and market planning and execution of business principles. Sound development and preparation can take months, and it can take a considerable amount of time before a business turns a profit. Be realistic in your expectations of the business and the amount of time and money that you will need to invest. The objective of this website is to assist prospective and emerging entrepreneurs by providing helpful business and marketing information essential to planning, operating and growing a successful business.

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Business Plan Guide

A business plan is a business development map. Not only does it show your end destination, but it maps out your travel path. It sets out realistic goals and a stable path.

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Transition Planning Guide

Transition Planning Guide takes you step by step through the process of creating a transition plan for your agribusiness. Successful transition planning involves looking ahead and planning for the future. Leaving behind a healthy business is important to keep it viable and profitable for the long term.

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Nova Scotia


Preparing an Agri-Business Plan

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New Brunswick


Farming in New Brunswick … A Road Map for New Entrants

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Prince Edward Island


Guide for Beginning Farmers on Prince Edward Island

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One page Business Plan

The One Page Business Plan is a quick way to get you started, linking your farming goals with specific steps to move toward those goals. Eventually, you’ll need to get more detailed with a complete business plan.

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Your Guide to Business Planning – CIBC

Every business needs a road map to point the way to success – and we can help you create it. We’ve put together an easy-to-use guide to assist you in planning your business strategy, an important step in setting your objectives and reaching them.

For New Businesses:

CIBC Small Business Start Strong Planning Guide

For Established Businesses:

Your Guide to Business Planning

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Producing a Business Plan for Value-Added Agriculture – Cornell University

Cornell Professor Deb Streeter, who teaches entrepreneurship at Cornell, lays out a very flexible approach to business plan writing with some great additional food for thought. Although her publication is called Producing a Business Plan for Value-Added Agriculture (PDF), it is relevant for any kind of farm operation.

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A Guide to Developing a Business Plan for Farms and Rural Businesses

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Growing Farms: Successful Whole Farm Management Planning Book Think It! Write It!

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